Our Approach

  • Unique - We try to limit ourselves to one prop at a time, which enables us to make it the best quality we can. While builds may have similar designs, we strive to make them unique in their own way.
  • Personal - We want our customers to be a part of the design process, and we provide continuous updates during the progress of the build.
  • Custom - Have an idea for a custom prop? We will do our best to accommodate requests, and if we are unable to do so, we will point you in the direction of great builders whom we have worked with personally.


Our Story

The start of Wolfinshell Prop Shop was done by one Mallet that Joel Martin and Charles Short made for a friend in their garages for the Dallas Comic Con. Her prop got such a great response that we tried our hands at selling them on Etsy.


That fist mallet is now in the possession of the Wolfinshell as we made her a new mallet that is made with a lighter construction and materials. Each prop is made to order and not massed produced so that you as the customer can customize it the way that you want it.